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We are one of the largest aftermarket resellers of Syneron lasers. We perform comprehensive maintenance and testing on every handpiece and laser system we acquire. All equipment we sell meets OEM performance standards.

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Syneron eLight for Sale

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Quantity: 6 Syneron eLight lasers for Sale.

Type: elōs Technology(Bi-Polar RF, Light & Diode Laser)

Wavelength: 400 nm – 2000 nm depending on the handpiece

Speed: Up to 2 Hz

Electrical: 110 VAC /230 Vac

Weight: 77lbs / 36kg

Handpiece Options: DS, AC, SR, SRA, and ST.  We carry all the handpieces for the eMax.

Condition: These models were manufactured in different years and pulse counts vary. These variables affect the price of each laser system. We can put together a package with the handpieces of your choice. Call us today to get a Syneron eLight price!


Sublative Rejuvenation, Skin Rejuvenation / FotoFacial RF™,ReFirme™ Skin Tightening, Hair Removal, Acne Treatment.

Product Description:

The eLight is a complete facial treatment system. The eLight harnesses elōs™ combined energy technology of Bi-Polar Radio Frequency (RF) and Broad Spectrum Light. A variety of applicators offer specific ranges of filtered light.

Easy to use and maintain. Also easy to upgrade. Deliver non-invasive, aesthetic facial improvements for your patients with zero downtime.

We can supply any Syneron handpiece that you need for this unit.  View our Syneron handpiece inventory here.

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elōs™ Technology and the Syneron eLight Laser

We provide Repair Services for all Syneron elos and VelaShape equipment including handpieces.

Product Demonstration: Used Syneron eLight