Used Syneron Lasers – Quality Assurance

All Syneron lasers that we acquire undergo thorough testing to ensure they meet manufacturer performance specifications. We perform routine maintenance on every used aesthetic laser and all Syneron handpieces as part of our commitment to delivering quality, reliable equipment.

Inventory Information:

We receive new inventory on a weekly basis. Please call us for real-time inventory information regarding Syneron laser equipment on hand. Due to the volume of our transactions, we do not provide individual listings for each unit – just general descriptions. We will email you detailed information for any items your are interested in.

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Syneron elos Plus
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Syneron eTwo
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Syneron eMatrix
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Syneron LipoLite
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Syneron eMax
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Syneron eLight
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Syneron eLaser
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Syneron VelaShape I, II & III
Syneron Galaxy
syneron galaxy

Product Description:

The Galaxy is the predecessor to the eMAX. The Galaxy can be used on all skin types, tanned skin and any color hair. In addition to laser hair removal, the Galaxy can be used for a variety of other applications. Skin rejuvenation, acne, wrinkle reduction and vascular lesions are other treatment options you can offer your patients.

Five different handpieces are available for the Galaxy, allowing you to provide a wide variety of treatment options. This unit offers a great return on investment for your practice.

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Type: elōs technlogy and Bi-Polar RF

Wavelength: 400 nm – 2000 nm depending on handpiece

Pulse Rate: 0.7 Hz

Electrical: 110 Vac

Applications: Acne, Skin rejuvenation, Laser hair removal, Vascular pigment lesions, Leg vein, Facial veins, Wrinkle reduction.

Handpiece Options: WR, LV, AC, DS, SR and SRA.

Syneron Aurora
syneron aurora

Product Description:

The Aurora is the predecessor to the eLight and was the first IPL system made by Syneron. The Aurora combines IPL, RF waves, and external cooling in one system to safely deliver a variety of cosmetic treatment. With the Aurora, you can provide laser hair removal on any skin type and/or hair color, treat vascular and pigmented lesions, and perform photorejuvenation.

Extremely safe and effective. Increases your service capabilities for a reasonable investment.

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Type: IPL with elōs Technology(Bi-Polar RF with light energy)

Speed: Up to 3 Hz (Pulse Rate)

Pulse Rate: WRA, LV and LVA – 1Hz

Electrical: 110-230 Vac

Applications: Laser hair removal on all skin types and colors, vascular and pigmented lesions, Telangiectasias, Rosacea, and Angiomas.

Handpiece Options: SR, SRA, ST, AC, DS.

Syneron Comet
syneron comet

Product Description:

We have several used Syneron Comet lasers in stock. The Comet is the predecessor to the eLaser. The Comet with patented elōs combined energy technology is fast and effective for laser hair removal. The Comet uses this combination of diode laser and bi-polar radio frequency, to obtain superior results and maximum safety.

The Comet is a leading system for laser hair removal. It targets virtually all colors of hair and can be used on any skin type or color.

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Type: 810nm Diode and RF

Speed: Up to 2Hz (Pulse Rate)

RF Energy: Up to 50 J/cm2

Electrical: 110-230 Vac

Applications: Laser Hair Removal, wrinkles, leg veins and vascular lesions, fractional skin rejuvenation and sublative rejuvenation.

Handpiece Options: DSL, WRA, LV and LVA.

Syneron – Committed to Innovation and Excellence

Syneron, founded in 2000, has a global footprint and 30% of the worldwide market share for cosmetic laser systems. Syneron’s proprietary elōs technology has given them a leading edge with devices that offer a broad range of applications such as hair removal, body contouring, wrinkle reduction, pigmented lesions, leg veins and cellulite reduction. The company markets their equipment under two brands, Syneron and Candela.