Palomar Vectus – Quality Assurance

All used Palomar Vectus lasers that we acquire undergo thorough testing to ensure they meet manufacturer performance specifications. We perform routine maintenance on every used aesthetic laser, Diode Laser and Palomar laser handpieces as part of our commitment to delivering quality, reliable equipment.

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Palomar Vectus

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Type: Diode Laser
Electrical: 100 – 240 VAC / 50/60 Hz
Weight: 120 lbs / 54 kg
Measurements: 21.4″ x 22.9″ x 40.5″

Small Sapphire Optic
Pulse Width: 5ms-300ms
Spot Size: 12 mm x 12 mm
Fluence: 100 J/cm3
Repetition: Up to 3 Hz
Max Power: 2200 W

Large Sapphire Optic
Pulse Width: 5ms-300ms
Spot Size: 23 mm x 38 mm
Fluence: 20 J/cm3
Repetition: Up to 3 Hz
Max Power: 3000 W

Condition: All three units are fully serviced and calibrated.

Applications: Permanent laser hair reduction.

Product Description:

The Palomar Vectus offers super fast laser hair removal with very low cost of ownership. The Vectus uses diode technology to deliver the best results for permanent hair reduction across all skin types and hair types.

Patients remain comfortable due sapphire tips with built in Advance Contact Cooling that protects the skin during treatment. Uniforms beams also contribute to patient comfort.

The Vectus laser has two spot sizes. The smaller spot size allows for more precise targeting while the larger spot size delivers faster coverage on a larger area.