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Cutera – Pioneers in Aesthetic Laser Technology

Cutera based in the San Francisco area was established in 1998 by engineers who pioneered CO2 and Nd:YAG lasers. Today these technologies are mainstays in the aesthetic laser industry. Cutera develops and manufacturers laser and light based medical equipment in over 40 countries worldwide.

Cutera’s cosmetic based medical devices are developed on upgradeable platforms allowing for full return on investment and the ability to quickly and easily maintain a forward position with technology based treatments at your practice.

Their line of medical devices offer treatment solutions for hair removal, skin and pigment issues, resurfacing and vascular conditions.

Inventory Information:

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Quality Assurance: All Cutera lasers, medical devices and handpieces we acquire undergo a series of thorough testing to ensure that they perform to manufacturer standards and operate in a safe and efficient manner.

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Cutera CoolGlide
cutera coolglide

Product Description:

The CoolGlide (1064 Nd:YAG) platform is the first laser cleared by the FDA for permanent hair reduction in all skin types. All skin types (I-VI) can be treated including tanned skin in the summer. This used cosmetic laser has Patented PowerFlex™ technology which provides fast treatments and high efficacy. Copper cooling is the most efficient method of cooling for optimal skin protection and comfort. Large spot size (10 mm) allows for maximum speed and optimal penetration at all follicle depths.

The CoolGlide Platform supports three technologies and is an economical solution that will allow you to increase revenues while delivering multiple treatment programs to patients.

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Type: 1064 Nd:YAG
Fluence: Up to 100 J/cm2
Repetition Rate: Single shot to 2 Hz 
Electrical: 115V/20A or 230V/20A

Applications: Hair removal on all skin types (including tanned skin), vascular treatments, skin rejuvenation. 

Handpiece Options: CoolGlide, Excel, Laser Genesis.

Cutera XEO
cutera xeo

Product Description:

Cutera’s XEO platform offers maximum flexibility and upgradeability. A variety of handpiece options allow you to provide your patients with a wide range of treatment solutions from laser hair removal, skin tightening, skin rejuvenation and vascular therapies.

This used Cutera XEO system is easy to use, extremely safe and highly rated by patients. The Cutera XEO platform offers is a great investment with years productivity built in.

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Energy Control: Real-time calibration
Epidermal Cooling: Continuous epidermal temperature regulation
Electrical: 115V/20A or 230V/20A

Hair removal, skin rejuvenation and vascular treatments. 

Handpiece Options: Pearl, Pearl Fractional, CoolGlide, Excel, Limelight, Laser Genesis, Prowave, AcuTip, Titan.