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Alma – Manufacturer of Innovative Noninvasive Aesthetic Equipment

Alma Lasers was founded more than 25 years ago and are considered innovators in laser and light-based technologies for medical and aesthetic applications. Their products deliver noninvasive aesthetic treatments for hair removal, acne, skin rejuvenation, pigmented lesions, fractional ablative skin resurfacing, leg veins and vascular lesions.

Inventory Information:

We receive new inventory on a weekly basis. Please call us for real-time inventory information regarding Alma laser units on hand.

Quality Assurance: All used equipment and handpieces received into inventory undergo thorough testing to ensure that they perform to manufacturer specifications and operate in a safe and efficient manner.

Alma Accent & Prime Lasers
alma accent lasers
Alma Harmony Lasers
alma harmony lasers
Alma Soprano Lasers
Alma Soprano Lasers
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Alma Beautifil
alma beautifill

Product Description:

The Alma BeautiFill offers a comprehensive solution for body contouring and tightening with exceptional results. Treatment times are minimized as a result of simultaneous lasering and suctioning. BeautiFill tightens skin during the contouring process.

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Type: Diode Laser (1470nm radial emitting laser fiber w/ Mercedes cannula)

Applications: Body Contouring, Tightening, Laser-Assisted LipoSuction, Fat Harvesting.

Alma DermaClear
alma dermaclear

Product Description:

A pre-aesthetic treatment device that deep cleans and hydrates the skin. The system utilizes a combined treatment of chemical and physical peeling via the rotating tip applicator, followed up by vacuum-assisted hydradermabrasion for a really deep clean.

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Type: Hydradermabrasion

Handpiece: 360 Rotating Tip

Applications: Pre-aesthetic treatment. Deep cleans and hydrates the skin.

Alma Duo
alma duo laser for sale

Product Description:

Shockwave technology for sexual wellness. Increases blood flow to your patient’s sex organs. Reverses vascular aging in men and women. Patients experience no downtime. Takes just six 15-minute treatments with results lasting for a year.

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Type: Shockwave Technology

Handpiece: Shockwave Handpiece

Applications: Sexual wellness for men & women.

Alma FemiLift
Alma FemiLift

Product Description:

Quick and effective results for female wellness. Treat women of any age with no pain and minimal downtime. Addresses issues related to childbirth, menopause, weight gain or loss and other factors. Uses Pixel CO2 technology.

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Type: Patented Fraction RF Technology

Frequency: 40.68MHz

Handpiece: FemiLift, FemilLift Slim, LiteScan, Focus

Alma Hybrid
alma hybrid laser for sale

Product Description:

The Alma Hybrid combines 3 energies to deliver powerful results. The Hybrid delivers both ablative and non-ablative treatments utilizing 3 technologies: CO2 laser (ablative), 1570nm laser (non-ablative) and IMPACT, Alma’s patented Ultrasound technology. By combining these technologies, downtime is minimized and results are tremendous. This laser features 3 Hybrid dedicated treatments: the Hybrid Lift, Hybrid OScar and the SoftLift.

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Type: CO2, 1570nm and IMPACT Ultrasound

Applications: ProScan, HyLight, Pixel 7×7/ 9×9, ThermoTight, Impact

Treatment Options: Skin rejuvenation, resurfacing and scar treatment.

Alma Legato II
Alma Legato II for sale

Product Description:

Designed for the treatment of scars, the Legato II uses both Microplasma fractional ablation and IMPACT ultrasound technology in a two phase process. The Legato II is an important breakthrough in effective scar treatment by treating the scar and following with Trans-Epidermal delivery of active ingredients to target deeper layers of the epidermis. Best of all, your patients can expect minimal downtime and minimal pain.

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Type: Microplasma Technology and IMPACT Technology

Handpieces: Microplasma (Tips: Atrophic- Tip, Traumatic Tip, Icepick Tip), MicroPeel, Impact

Applications: Scars, Stretch Marks, Melasma, Skin Resurfacing, Skin Rejuvenation, Skin Whitening

Alma Pixel CO2
alma pixel co2

Product Description:

The Pixel CO2 fractional ablative laser offers an ablative approach to skin resurfacing that provides a high level of patient comfort along with the convenience a non-ablative approach.

Offer patient friendly treaments for photo-damaged skin, wrinkles and fine lines with Alma’s Pixel CO2. Patients experience only five to seven days of downtime.

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Type: RF-excited CO2 laser
Wavelength:: 10.6 µm
Electrical: 120 VAC, 16 A, 50/60 Hz or 230 VAC, 8 A, 50/60 Hz

Applications: Fractional skin ablation, Skin resurfacing, rinofima.

Optional Components: iPixel, Pixel CO2 OMNIFIT

Alma Q
Alma Q laser for sale

Product Description:

The Alma Q Laser utilizes high-powered Q-Switched fractional, Long Pulse and Quasi-LP Nd:YAG laser technologies. Achieve effective full spectrum multi-color tattoo removal with four (4) different wavelengths in either single or double pulse modes. Safe on all skin types.

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Type: Q-Switch Nd:YAG Laser, QLP (Quasi-Long Pulse) 1064nm, Pulse (532nm and 1064) and  QSW 1064 nm

Treatments: Tattoo Removal, Vascular Lesions, Carbon Peel, Skin rejuvenation, Pigmented Lesions.

Handpieces: Focus, HomoGenius, Fractional, Collimated, Spectrum-Y & Spectrum-R, Pixel

Alma Rejuve
alma rejuve

Product Description:

The Alma Rejuve is an effective aesthetic system for skin rejuvenation. Treatments include vascular lesions, pigmented lesions, and permanent hair reduction. The unit is portable, features a 15.6 touchscreen, and comes with 4 handpieces. Professional-grade IPL technology delivers long-lasting effective results.

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Type: IPL Technology
Electrical: 120/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz Single Phase

Treatments: Vascular lesions, pigmented lesions, permanent hair reduction.

Handpieces: Dye-VL, Dye SR, NIR, Speed AFT