The diode laser is a very effective device. Laser production is triggered by small diodes or semiconductors that are arranged together to produce light. The diode laser has a longer wavelength than other lasers used which may improve treatment results on darker skin types.

Diode lasers offer permanent hair removal solution that is effective, affordable and safe. This technology of hair removal is the most popular and has high success rates each time in removing unwanted hair. While it is more effective on darker skin or those who have greater concentrations of the pigment melanin, Diode Laser Hair Removal is known to work on any area of the body where individuals wish to get rid of unwanted hair leaving behind smooth and clean skin.

The way Diode laser hair removal works is that when the laser beams are directed on the specific area, the energy of the beams heats up the melanin in the skin. This thermal therapy heats the melanin to such an extent that the hair follicles or the root of the hair is damaged so that hair just won’t grow anymore in that area.

This procedure safely penetrates the deeper layers of the skin to reach the root cause of the hair growth. Larger areas of the body treated with this method tend to recover faster. Large areas of skin such as the legs and back can be completely cleared of unwanted hair in just a single treatment.
Devices which are most commonly employed in this method include the SLP 100, F1 Diode, Light Sheer, MeDioStar, LaserLite, Epistar and Apex 800. While this treatment is most effective for the Fitzpatrick skin types I, II and III it can also be used on other skin types. The first three types include pale white skin with blue/hazel eyes, blond/red hair with freckles or albino skin, fair skin with blue eyes and darker white skin as is seen in European mix individuals or darker Caucasians.

In some cases after treatment with Diode lasers, certain patients developed urticaria. It is a severe allergic skin reaction similar to hives and can be managed by anti allergic drug therapy.

Laser Hair Removal with the Lumenis LightSheer

Lumenis Lightsheer ET & XC

lumenis lightsheer diode lasers

The Lumenis ET & XC diode lasers are safe to use on skin types I – VI. The Lightsheer ET & XC are excellent choices for laser hair removal.

Alma Soprano XL

alma soprano xl diode laser

The SopranoXL is a revolutionary diode laser system for permanent hair reduction and topical dermal heating- virtually painless.