January 16, 2012, Deerfield Beach, FL … The Laser Warehouse, the leading aftermarket reseller of used cosmetic lasers, used aesthetic lasers and other aesthetic equipment has added a state-of-the-art quality control and testing lab at their facility in Deerfield Beach. This laboratory provides laser service technicians with the latest equipment and technology to repair, service and maintain complex laser components across various models and types of lasers. The addition of this lab has greatly increased the efficiency and accuracy of repairs and maintenance by The Laser Warehouse’s technicians. Faster and more accurate identification of the root cause of hardware malfunctions has been one of the benefits of the lab. Technicians have seen an improvement of 16% on correctly detecting the cause of malfunctioning equipment within the first 30 minutes of testing. Laser repairs are also being completed an average of 28% faster after the initial diagnostic.

In addition, the lab is helping to streamline and reduce waste of replacement of parts by minimizing the need to replace entire system boards and circuit boards. In the past this was usually the fastest path to restoring a piece of equipment to functionality. Now, the parts can be tested quickly and if a part on the board is determined to be bad, it can be quickly replaced in the lab and the equipment returned to active duty for a fraction of the replacement cost of a new system board.

The Laser Warehouse recognizes that having the well trained laser repair technicians who are fully certified by various institutes such as the Board of Laser Safety, and the Laser Institute of America is critical to the quality assurance process. These technicians are highly trained specialists who are experienced in diagnosing, repairing and replacing OEM parts for cosmetic laser and IPL equipment. They utilize the most advanced diagnostics tools decreasing downtime and lowering costs associated with each repair.

The new quality control lab allows The Laser Warehouse to stand out as a premier reseller of quality IPL and used cosmetic laser equipment. The lab’s quality control process and diagnosis process includes over 20 different testing procedures that are to be performed on used aesthetic lasers acquired aftermarket. The efficiencies gained via this lab, allows The Laser Warehouse to bring equipment to market faster as demand in the industry continues to grow. The Laser Warehouse also offers repair and maintenance services to customers for their existing equipment. Productivity and customer satisfaction in this line of business has also seen significant increases.

The Laser Warehouse views the addition of the quality control lab as the next step in providing a turnkey system for bringing the most reliable aftermarket equipment to their customers. The company’s core business is aftermarket sales of high quality, reliable used aesthetic lasers at the most competitive pricing in the industry. The Laser Warehouse ensures that all used cosmetic laser equipment is fully restored to OEM specifications and stands behind each sale they make.

Notes to Editors:
The Laser Warehouse is the leading source for the purchase and sale of used aesthetic lasers, used cosmetic lasers, used aesthetic laser equipment and cosmetic laser parts and supplies. The Laser Warehouse is a wholesaler, not a broker. There are no middlemen which means The Laser Warehouse sells used aesthetic laser equipment at the lowest prices possible. The Laser Warehouse is located in Deerfield Beach, Florida and has hundreds of used aesthetic lasers in stock in their showroom. The Laser Warehouse’s staff is extremely knowledgeable and will help you select the right used cosmetic laser equipment for your business. The company sells all major brands of IPL and cosmetic laser equipment and works with med spas, laser centers, medical practices and plastic surgeons across the globe. Please visit www.thelaserwarehouse.com for more information.