November 9, 2010, Deerfield Beach, FL … The Laser Warehouse buys, sells and services used cosmetic lasers providing medical facilities, med spas, and laser centers with quality reconditioned used cosmetic lasers and used aesthetic lasers. The Laser Warehouse has designed and implemented a corporate environmental sustainability policy, aptly named “Business Green”. The Laser Warehouse’s goal is to minimize the company’s impact on the environment while achieving cost efficiencies by implementing green practices throughout various areas of the business.

The strategy focuses on several core business processes and has been implemented over the course of the year. A paperless office initiative began at the end of the first quarter of 2010 to reduce paper consumption. Since the program was launched, a reduction of over 70% of paper consumables has been achieved over the previous year.

In the second quarter, The Laser Warehouse focused its attention on the shipping of used cosmetic lasers. The shipping process was evaluated to remove wasteful, non-environmentally friendly products and led to the introduction of recycled consumables. This solution includes the use of recycled cardboard containers, and environmentally friendly fillers that minimize waste content and shipping costs. The Laser Warehouse which repairs lasers for customers and reconditions all used cosmetic lasers for sale, implemented an electronics recycling program to ensure all components are safely recycled or destroyed.

In the third quarter of 2010, The Laser Warehouse analyzed energy usage at its facilities. Successful reductions in energy consumption were achieved by converting to energy efficient lighting along with the inclusion of lighting sensors. Energy consumption has been reduced by an average of 31%.

Since the launch of the “Business Green” strategy, The Laser Warehouse has reduced paper and electronic waste, minimized energy inefficiencies and improved the shipping process while effectively decreasing shipping costs. The Laser Warehouse, a responsible and concerned corporate citizen, will continue with its “Business Green” strategy to further foster a healthier environment while also promoting cost effective business practices.

Notes to Editors:
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