Smartlipo Laser Lypolosis

smartlipo treatmentSmartlipo Laser Lypolosis, otherwise known as Smartlipo for short, is a body sculpting process that reduces fat and tones the body. With Smartlipo, medical practitioners can destroy and permanently eliminate fat cells while coagulating tissue for tighter skin. The Smartlipo procedure can be applied locally to treat fat deposits on the neck, face, arms and anywhere on the body. Regions with high vascularity and flaccidity (flabby skin) are no longer a challenge.

The Smartlipo Process

The Smartlipo system has an ND:YAG laser that is designed to send thermal energy to target, rupture and shatter subcutaneous fat cells. Once this happens, the tissue coagulates causing collagen retraction and tightening. Although other lasers may perform similar procedures, the Smartlipo laser is able to differentiate between fat and other structures within the body. Therefore it is more precise and effective in removing only unwanted fat cells than other lasers on the market.

What Happens During the Procedure?

smartlipoA small tube, called a cannula, is inserted into the body through a 1 – 2mm incision in the skin where there are fat deposits. The laser is then inserted and the cannula is moved back and forth below the skin so that it comes into contact with the fat cell membranes. The membranes rupture and release fatty oil from the cells and the end product is then aspirated from the area. The laser has hemostatic properties that coagulate the underlying vessels. The result is less bleeding, bruising and trauma. Downtime is much less than the traditional liposuction procedure. The Smartlipo procedure can last anywhere from 45 minutes to 1 hour a treated area. Most patients only require one treatment to be successful. This procedure is FDA approved and is conducted under local and tumescent anesthesia. Smartlipo can only be performed by a physician.

What are the Benefits of Smartlipo?

Minimally invasive treatment performed by a physician, with very little downtime. Treatment time for each area requires about 45 minutes to 1 hour. Smartlipo removes unwanted fat and induces skin tightening by effecting tissue coagulation. Individuals, that have areas of unwanted fat that do not respond to diet and exercise, are the perfect candidates for this procedure. Adults do not create new fat cells, therefore if weight is not gained, fat will most likely be deposited in areas where the procedure was NOT performed. This process only needs to be performed once to an area that is desired fat for reduction. The Smartlipo process ultimately offers less bleeding, minimal bruising, and trauma then traditional the Liposuction method.