How Laser Leg Vein Removal Works?

spider vein treatmentLaser and Pulsed Light treatments are currently used as an alternative to or in addition to sclerotherapy treatment for small veins or spider veins. These lasers operate on the same principle – a light beam is pulsed into the veins in order to seal them off. The heating of the blood causes the blood vessel to constrict and eventually dissolve, fading from view. Several laser vein treatments are usually needed for the best results.

There are several laser options for the treatment of unsightly spider and leg veins. Palomar offers the Lux1064 IPL handpiece and Syneron offers the LV and LVA applicators as well.

Palomar Lux1064 Handpiece

Palomar’s 1064 handpiece works with both StarLux laser systems and the Palomar Icon. This is an Nd:YAG laser. Palomar’s Lux1064 nm handpiece directs energy directly into the blood and vessel walls. This heat causes the vessel and blood to coagulate. The vein eventually disintegrates and is no longer be visible. There isn’t any damage to the outer skin duing this process. It’s completely non invasive.

Syneron LVA and LV Handpieces

Syneron’s LV and LVA applicators utilize Syneron’s patented elos technology which combines bi-polar radio frequency (RF) along with light and diode laser energies. This combination of energies delivers deeper dermal penetration while improving safety for all skin types.

The handpiece makes contact with the patient’s skin which triggers the build in cooling system. The laser then heats the target and the RF energy kicks in penetrating deep into the dermis. The blood vessel is addressed from both outside and inside of the vein.
Vein Therapy with LV applicator: