LuxG and MaxG rosacea treatmentWhat is Acne Rosacea?

Acne rosacea is a type of acne vulgaris that is accompanied by red patches on the skin, red cysts, spider veins and in some cases a reddish tint in the eye. Enlarged noses can occur and this happens mostly to men. Flushing of the skin, large pores, and broken facial vessels are other common characteristics.

There is no cure for acne rosacea and the exact cause for acne rosacea is unknown. It can be treated by lasers but it will never completely go away. This skin aliment typically affects individuals with fair skin of English, Celtic and Northern European descent. Flare ups of this disease can occur at any time. Adults between the ages of 25 and 50 commonly suffer from Rosacea. Rosacea can be triggered or worsened by changes in the weather and often happens in cold climates and in humid climates.

Laser Treatments with Palomar MaxG™ Starlux Handpiece

The Palomar MaxG™ Optimized Light Handpiece is one of the leading lasers used for safe and effective acne rosacea treatments. It offers excellent closure for deeper facial vessels by providing more uniform heating across entire width of larger vessels. The MaxG is the newest IPL technology available on the market today. The Max G delivers optimized wavelengths of light using the priniciple of selectivve photothermolysis

Patients can expect minimal downtime, minimal risk of scarring and long lasting results. 65% of patients see improvement after just one treatment, and 90% after subsequent treatments. Vascular lesions will resolve within 10 to 14 days.

Laser Treatments with Palomar LuxG™ Starlux Handpiece

The Palomar Starlux LuxG handpiece uses intense pulsed light (IPL) which is effective in treating facial blushing. Light energy is selectively absorbed by the hemoglobin within the blood vessel, heating up the endothelium of the broken blood vessels. The vessels are ultimately elminated – multiple sessions with the LuxG may be necessary in some cases.

Both handpieces provide effective treatment options, but the MaxG only works with the Palomar StarLux 500. The Laser Warehouse carries extensive handpiece inventory for the Palomar StarLux systems. All of our used aesthetic laser handpieces offer exceptional savings over retail units.

Palomar MaxG Treatment of Facial Veins

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Palomar MaxG Treatment of Facial Veins