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Lumenis Laser Repair Services

If you are out of warranty on you Lumenis LightSheer Laser, we can save you hundreds of dollars on expensive OEM repairs for your LightSheer IPL and Diode handpieces. Our expert technicians can help with Lumenis Laser repair and preventive maintenance services.

Call 954-254-4612 for free troubleshooting assistance with your Lumenis Laser handpiece or Lumenis Laser equipment. Please provide any fault codes you are receiving so that we can provide quick and efficient service. LightSheer repair services are typically completed within 2 – 3 days..

Lumenis Handpiece Repair Services and Base Unit Repairs

  • Lumenis Laser Systems: LightSheer Duet and LightSheer XC, ET, EC, ST, SC laser systems.

  • All LightSheer IPL and Diode Handpieces

Types of Repairs

We can completely refurbish your Lumenis LightSheer handpiece or base unit so that it functions like new. Following is a list of some of the repairs we can facilitate:

  • Flash lamp changes
  • Replace diodes
    • 1.6 or more on XC handpieces (12x12mm spot size)
    • 2.0 on 9 x 9 mm spot size
  • Replace lens arrays
  • Clean sapphire
  • Check coolant
  • Replace umbilical cord
  • Re-calibration of handpieces
  • Replace or repair power supply
Turnaround Times

Turnaround Times: Expected turnaround times are 2 – 3 days. We stock a huge supply of replacement parts to ensure we meet these timelines.

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LightSheer Laser Equipment Repair

We can help you with any Lumenis laser repair services that you may need. Contact us today via the form below or call 954-254-4612.

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