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Cutera Laser Repair Services

The Laser Warehouse has repaired hundreds of Syneron handpieces and Syneron Lasers. We can save our clients the high expense associated with complete replacement of the laser head or the manufacturer repair costs. We are regarded as industry specialists at repairing IPL handpieces. Our technicians hold certifications from the industry’s leading laser safety and technology organizations in the United States. Our technicians are considered experts in repairing IPL equipment and as such, The Laser Warehouse serves as a resource for many other aftermarket cosmetic laser equipment suppliers in need of this type of diagnostic and repair work.

If you are experiencing issues with your IPL head, please call us at 954-254-4612 for a free consultation. In most cases, we can determine the cause or nature of the malfunction and provide you with an estimate to fix your Syneron applicator at significant savings compared to the manufacturer repair rates. Most repairs can be made in 2 – 3 days minimizing your downtime.

Cutera Repairs We Perform

  • Alma Laser Systems: Harmony, Harmony XL and Harmony Elite laser systems.

  • IPL Handpieces: 515 Cooled, 540 Cooled, 570 Cooled, 570 Non-Cooled, 650 Cooled, 650 Non-Cooled and the SHR.

Alma IPL Laser Equipment Repair

We can repair Alma laser handpieces and base units. See the list below for complete details. Don’t hesitate to contact us – all troubleshooting is free of charge.

Types of Repairs

Following are some of the basic services you can expect when we service or repair you Syneron handpiece:

  • Flash lamp changes
  • Polish refectors
  • Replacement of optical filters
  • Replacement of light guides
  • Repair / Replacement of flow tubes and wireing
  • Cleaning and testing of heads
  • Verification of output power
  • Recalibration of handpieces
  • O-ring replacement

Quotes will be provided if crystal is damaged..

Turnaround Times

Turnaround Times: Expected turnaround times are 2 – 3 days. We stock a huge supply of replacement parts to ensure we meet these timelines.

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