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Alma Laser Repair Services

If you are out of warranty on you Alma laser system or Alma handpiece, The Laser Warehouse can save you money on expensive Alma Laser repair costs. We only use OEM parts and our certified technicians have repair hundreds of Alma IPL and diode handpieces. Because we have parts in stock, we can offer quick turnaround times. Our certified technicians can also reset the shot count on your Alma handpiece, extending the useful life of your equipment.

Contact us today for free trouble shooting for your Alma handpiece – 954-254-4612. It helps to have the error code you are receiving for your equipment to provide faster troubleshooting and especially for base unit repair issues. Most Alma Laser equipment repairs can be made within 2 – 3 days.

Alma Handpiece Repair Services and Base Unit Repairs We Perform

If you need Alma handpiece repair or reburbishment services, The Laser Warehouse stocks OEM parts for Alma handpieces. We can usually turn these repairs around in 24 – 48 hours.

  • Alma Laser Systems: Harmony XL Pro, Harmony XL, Harmony Elite, Soprano Lasers: Soprano Titatium, Soprano Platinum, Soprano Ice and Soprano XL systems.

  • IPL Handpieces: 515 Cooled, 540 Cooled, 570 Cooled, 570 Non-Cooled, 650 Cooled, 650 Non-Cooled, SHR and Speed.

Types of Repairs

We can completely refurbish your Alma handpiece, including replacing necessary interior components with OEM parts to replacing the outer shell so that it looks and works like new:

  • Reset Shot Count
  • Flash lamp changes
  • Polish reflectors
  • Replacement of optical filters
  • Replacement of light guides
  • Repair / Replacement of flow tubes and wireing
  • Cleaning and testing of heads
  • Verification of output power
  • Recalibration of handpieces
  • O-ring replacement

Quotes will be provided if crystal is damaged.

Turnaround Times

Turnaround Times: Expected turnaround times are 2 – 3 days. We stock a huge supply of replacement parts to ensure we meet these timelines.

Get a FREE ESTIMATE Today, Call (954) 254-4612.

Alma IPL Laser Equipment Repair

We can repair Alma laser handpieces and base units. See the list below for complete details. Don’t hesitate to contact us – all troubleshooting is free of charge.

alma handpiece repair