syneron ac

Syneron AC

The AC applicator utilizes light and bi-polar RF energies for treatment of acne. Works with both the eMax and eLight laser systems. The spot size on this handpiece is 25 X 12 mm.

syneorn ds

Syneron DS

The DS applicator works with the eMax and eLight systems for hair removal treatments. Uses light and RF energy. Has large spot size – treatment area is 25 X 12 mm..

syneron dsl

Syneron DSL

The Syneron DSL applicator is used for permanent hair reduction. Utilizes a combination of laser and bi-polar radio frequency. Large spot size allows treatment of large areas quickly.

syneron lv

Syneron LV

The LV applicator utilizes light and bi-polar RF energies for vascular lesion treatments. Use with the eMax and eLaser systems. The treatment area for this handpiece is 8 x 5 mm.

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syneron lva

Syneron LVA

Treat unsightly leg veins and vascular lesions with the LVA applicator.

The LVA applicator treatment area is 8 x 2 mm. Works with the eLaser and eMax.

syneron matrix ir

Matrix IR

Combines bi-polar radio frequency, diode (915 nm) laser and intense epidermal cooling to deliver fractional non-ablative skin treatments. Used primarily for wrinkles.

matrix rf

Matrix RF

The Matrix RF produces radio frequency energy that treats all skin types. The applicator delivers deep dermal heating for fractional skin resurfacing treatments.

syneron refirme st

Syneron ReFirme ST

Syneron’s ST applicator utilizes both light and bi-polar RF energies for skin tightening treatments. The ST works with the eLight system and has a treatment area of 12 x 8 mm.

syneron sr

Syneron SR

The SR delivers skin rejuvenation treatments via light and RF energies. The SR applicator works with both the eLight and eMax systems. Treatment area 12 x 25 mm.

syneron sra

Syneron SRA

The SRA uses light and bi-polar RF energies for advanced skin rejuvenation / skin resurfacing. Treats pigmented skin, brown spots, sun damage, aging, spider vessels and rosacea. Treatment area is 12 x 25 mm.

syneron wra

Syneron WRA

The WRA applicator utilizes both light and bi-polar RF energies for wrinkle reduction treatments. The WRA works with Syneron’s eMax and eLaser units. The spot treatment area is 12 x 8 mm.