The Laser Warehouse is one of the largest resellers of pre-owned fully refurbished Palomar Vecuts handpieces. We also carry the large and small tips. We have extensive inventory which changes daily. All of the handpieces we sell have undergone thorough maintenance and testing.

Need to repair a broken handpiece? We can help. Our certified technicians can provide you with a free estimate on Palomar Vectus Repair.

Please Note: Inventory changes on a daily basis. Please call us for the latest availability on handpieces.

** Call us at 954.254.4612 for latest inventory & best prices on the web. **

Cynosure Palomar Vectus Handpieces

vectus handpieces for sale

Vectus Handpiece

The Cynosure Vectus diode handpiece with small and large tip.

vectus large tip

Vectus Large Tip

Large tip for the Vectus Hair Removal laser.

vectus small tip

Vectus Small Tip

Vectus Small Tip for diode laser hair removal.

skintel reader

Skintel Reader

Skintel Reader for accurate skin typing.