candela vbeam laser

Candela Vbeam Laser System

Candela offers the Vbeam Laser System which has three models:  the Perfecta, the Platinum and the Aesthetica.  These models are built on the same premises. The Vbeam is a pulsed dye laser system that utilizes a pulsed, flashlamp-excited dye medical laser that is controlled by two separate processors.

VelaShape Generation 1 by Syneron

The VelaShape Generation 1 was designed by Syneron as a non-invasive alternative treatment to reduce the appearance of cellulite and for temporary reduction of thigh circumference. The Generation 1 system became one of Syneron’s best-selling cellulite treatment devices because it is very user-friendly, safe and effective.

syneron elight

elōs™ Technology and the Syneron eLight Laser

Syneron developed their patented elōs technology which has become a highly regarded technology for cosmetic and aesthetic treatment. The acronym means Electro-Optical Synergy. This technology is utilized in several of Syneron’s laser systems and is recognized as very safe and effective when compared to other types of light based lasers available on the market. Syneron’s…