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Cosmetic Laser Repair Certifications

Board of Laser Safety (BLS)

Board of Laser Safety

The BLS offers certification for professionals who are working with lasers in a scientific, manufacturing, industrial or medical environment.
National Council on Laser Excellence (NCLE

The National Council on Laser Excellence

The NCLE is a credentialing board of the Professional Medical Education Association and offers a variety of medical laser certifications including Certified Laser Repair Technician (CLRT) and NCLE Laser Technology Certification. 
International Aesthetic & Laser Association (IALA)
IALA logo
The IALA is partnered with the Laser Training Institute and offers workshops and certifications for IPL and laser hair removal.
Electronics Technicians Association (ETA)

ETA Logo

The ETA represents and supports technical professionals by aligning individual professional goals, vocational and education curriculums, and businesses’ resource initiatives through certification programs, conferences, speaking engagements, and book and journal publications.
National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST)

NIST logo

NIST is the government agency responsible for advancing measurement science, standards, and technology. They provide certified standard reference materials, calibration service for absolute laser power and energy measurements of lasers.

The Laser Warehouse provides regular preventive maintenance and cosmetic laser repair services for aesthetic lasers and IPL equipment, resulting in an affordable solution compared with costly replacement of existing cosmetic laser equipment.  We stock a full inventory of laser parts and supplies for the industry's leading brands of cosmetic laser systems and cosmetic laser handpieces.  Immediate access to this inventory allows us to speed repair and maintenance times, while keeping costs down.  

Our technicians are fully qualified to repair and maintain the industry's leading brands of cosmetic laser and IPL equipment.  They hold certifications from the industry's leading laser safety and technology organizations such as the Board of Laser Safety the National Council on Laser Excellence.  Our technicians have many years of experience in cosmetic laser repair and in repairing IPL equipment. Click here for a brief listing of aesthetic laser systems we service and repair.

Preventive Maintenance

Cosmetic lasers need periodical maintenance. Daily usage will slowly affect critical components of cosmetic lasers; and unless regular maintenance is performed, they may break down or malfunction. Yearly calibration and alignment should be a minimum requirement. Some states even require this. These systematic checks can find potential problems before they develop, and prevent problems. The Laser Warehouse offers preventive maintenance, service and handpiece repair on many of the well known manufacturer's cosmetic equipment on the market today.

Repair and Replacement of Parts

Aesthetic laser systems and IPL equipment often break down or experience software failures to their computerized components. We offer cosmetic laser repair service on many lasers, IPL, RF, IR and fractional technologies. The Laser Warehouse’s technicians are specialists who are qualified to diagnose, repair and if necessary replace OEM parts for the industry’s leading brands of cosmetic laser equipment and cosmetic laser handpieces such as:

  -  Palomar,
  -  Syneron,
  -  Alma, cosmetic laser repair
  -  Candela,
  -  Hoya Con Bio,
  -  Lumenis and
  -  Cutera.

If your system or handpiece is not working, The Laser Warehouse will attempt to diagnose or troubleshoot your problem by phone, and may suggest simple “fixes” without a repair call or charge. In many cases we can get you up and running quickly. 

In the event that your system or hand piece needs service, we will try to diagnose the problem by phone and advise you of the potential cost and time to repair you laser equipment. 

Common Repairs Include:

  -   replacement of crystals and diodes,
  -   replacement of tubing and o-rings,
  -   replacement of flash lamps, mirror calibrations, cooling system repairs, computer board and circuit board repairs. 

Cosmetic Laser Handpiece Repair

The Laser Warehouse is known for its experience in repairing many of the IPL hand pieces on the market today. In most cases, handpieces can be completely repaired to avoid the expense of replacing a handpiece with the manufacturer prematurely. Simply send us the handpiece, we will diagnose and provide an estimate. You can then choose to repair or return the hand piece to your practice. Should you want to completely replace the hand piece, remember that The Laser Warehouse carries a wide range of used cosmetic lasers and IPL equipment.  We also sell laser parts and supplies.

Types of Services

The Laser Warehouse offers a complete spectrum of laser repair services, and you can select the level of service that best fits your needs.

  -  On-Call Emergency Service
  -  Preventive Maintenance
  -  Evaluations
  -  Cosmetic Laser Handpiece Repair
  -  Refurbished Systems
  -  Accessories
  -  Parts & Supplies

Please feel free to contact our service department for more details and information regarding medical laser repair at: 954-254-4612.

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